About Us


We are a professional team with medical, data science and IT background drawing upon a collective of twenty five years of experience managing complex medical and IT projects. We draw on this experience to support our clients and market their services and offerings. Further, we draw upon our knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure quality products are showcased in medi-ai-mart.


Dr Sandeep Reddy, Chairman


Sandeep is a certified health informatician with medical and healthcare management qualifications. In addition to his medical training and extensive experience with healthcare management, he has undergone machine learning training through Babson College, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, GoogleCloud, SimpliLearn and other sources. He is currently engaged in the design and development of artificial intelligence (AI) models to diagnose and treat medical conditions. He is also advising several organizations about use of AI technology to address healthcare issues. Further, Sandeep has authored several AI and digital health related publications including a book chapter and several peer reviewed articles about AI in Healthcare.

Nataraj Chandrasekaran, CEO


Nataraj is an experienced Management Consultant and Technology Professional with 25 years of experience with high value transformation projects for global clients. He has worked with leading consulting and technology firms such as Accenture, KPMG, IBM, HP and NCS. Nataraj provides advisory services on Artificial Intelligence to various clients and start-ups globally. Nataraj has a Master of Technology degree in Knowledge Engineering from National University of Singapore.

Tonko Wedda, Partner

Tonko brings 25+ years of experience in innovation, venturing, marketing, sales and leadership in the field of ICT and digital health. Held various international senior management positions in global ICT-companies. Experienced coach for (international) start- and scale-ups. Mentor of the Rockstart Digital Health accelerator program. Chairman of the board of WDTM, the Dutch industry body for Technology Enabled Care and Care Innovation. Founder and CEO of GrowthConsultants, which supports start- and scale-ups to realize their international dreams.