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Medi-AI-Mart is an one of it's kind platform offering up-to-date advice and assessment about artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare entities and products across the world. We curate information from various sources and offer you categorised advice regarding the application of AI in various healthcare specialities. Visitors and clients can avail credible advice prepared by a team of experts with decades of experience in AI, data science, medicine and healthcare policy. In addition to the information available on the website, we plan to offer complementary service like in-depth analysis and reports, consultancy service, quality assurance and audits, and newsletters.

Medical Imaging

Applications supporting medical imaging analysis including x-ray, CT, MRI, fundoscopic and histo-pathological interpretation.

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Clinical Decision Support

Here you will find applications that support electronic health record and other patient information record interpretation and analysis. Applications that support clinician's decision making.

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Triaging and Screening

Medical chatbots and virtual health assistants that aid triaging and screening of patients.

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Drug Discovery and Development

Applications that support the process of drug discovery and development including support for clinical trials and testing of drugs.

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Healthcare Administration

Support for billing, patient record management, customer relationship management, and data management.

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Precision Medicine

Applications using genomics and bio-informatics data to customise medical treatment and management.

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Health Monitoring

Applications and Wearables that support health monitoring and fitness, and nutrition tracking.

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Robotic applications that support surgery, medical treatment and patient engagement.

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Medical Devices

Medical devices that are powered by AI and machine learning software.

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